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Tupe : Tobacco Use Prevention Education (TUPE) Programs

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Since 1991, AnimAction has been conducting our TUPE Program and have grown it into being one of the most successful TUPE Programs out there. As a result of this success, other programs have modeled themselves on AnimAction and the original, "Awareness Through Animation" program. In addition, the remarkable triumph of AnimActions', "Cartoon Campaign" is evidence enough of not only its broad appeal, but, its acceptance across the board.

Our TUPE programs have been designed to work with K-12 grade students. Ultimately, students collaborate in a hands-on experiential workshop environment which provides the exciting opportunity to produce their own animation. The program incorporates a combination of student research-time, critical thinking skills, teamwork, media literacy, advocacy and fun.

• Students form small production teams and work together emphasizing collaboration and building-in teamwork from the very beginning.

Each team is set the challenge of producing a 30-second animation that carries their antitobacco message.

The animations are burnt on DVDs for all students to share their message, broadcast across the States, emailed, used for websites, and school-wide presentations.

We continually update our presentation ensuring delivery of accurate information.

OUR TUPE PROGRAM HAS BEEN PUBLISHED: Project ABCD is featured on California Healthy Kids Resource Center website under Research-Validated Programs and TUPE Innovative Programs. ..
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