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Professional Development : What is The Box?

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An Exciting Contemporary Hands-on Tool for Students To Explore the Challenges of Civic Education

Strengthen communication skills, critical thinking, collaborative problem solving and the art of democratic dialogue and deliberation among young citizens with The BOX! Animation Production Studio.


Using The BOX!, students work together in teams of 7 to 10 to develop and produce short animated Public Service Announcements (PSAs) in this challenging and fun environment. The process is key and The BOX! is the tool as these young citizens begin to recognize their role as "change agents." Students' ideas come to life and when finally screened they begin to realize the importance of the democratic process and their role in this dynamic exchange..

The BOX! is a unique hands-on experiential program designed to engage students in small group discussions and collaborative problem solving to increase their awareness of various socially relevant personal growth subjects, (i.e. health & fitness, internet safety, violence prevention, drug and alcohol education, teen pregnancy, media literacy, HIV/AIDS awareness, cultural diversity, etc.). The focus of this program encourages students to think critically about issues of citizenship and community.

The BOX! also incorporates art, animation and life-skills development. Ultimately, K-12 student filmmakers will create and produce short animated PSAs.

Since 1989, AnimAction has successfully been using the The BOX! Animation Production Studio equipment in schools with students of all ages around the world. The AnimAction-Awareness Through Animation Program has worked successfully with approximately 160,000 youth to date. The BOX! packages the Awareness Through Animation program neatly and comprehensively including its own specially developed animation software.

The BOX! has been developed by Hollywood Industry Professionals.

AnimAction continues today working with thousands of students in health education programs, violence prevention programs, cultural diversity, current world issues, literacy, media literacy and many more applications.

The youth-produced PSAs reveal the student's new understanding of the topics' main points and its importance in their lives. This program has the ability to maintain healthy attitudes and behavior.

Take a sneak peak at what The BOX! ONLINE curriculum has to offer.


We advise people who want to use The BOX! kit to budget in getting trained with our PD program. The training is not so much about how to use the software but about how to tell stories using animation as the magical medium. It's about timing, movement and believe-ability using animation. We have seen a lot of success with The BOX! PD.

"The workshop was excellent! Very Creative!"
Joel Rothblatt, School for the Visual Arts & Humanities High School, Los Angeles - Oct 29, 2011

"More, more, more! This was awesome. I'm excited. I can't wait to start when I get a kit"
Yim Tam, Franklin High School, Los Angeles - Oct 29, 2011

"This was a great crash course in animation!"
Mariejo Madridejos, Lowman Elementary School, Los Angeles - Oct 29, 2011

"I really liked the step-by-step procedure. It really helped in understanding the software"
Enrique Felix, Holmes Ave Elementary
School, Los Angeles - Oct 29, 2011


The BOX! is not just an educational program but a resource kit you can purchase. It contains all the necessary animation tools and supplies (minus the hardware) to start your own 2D Classical Animation Studio.  The BOX! also comes with sound cues, and easy to use PC/MAC animation software, allowing you to capture, composite, color and output your animated films, turning any environment into an entirely self-sufficient animation studio!   

All the supplies in The BOX! are the very best quality money can buy so that your students can produce cool animations! What could be made re-usable has been made re-usable so the only costs to maintain the program are the pens, colors, exposure sheets, storyboards and animation paper.

The BOX! can be set-up for 10, 20, 30 or 40 youth-participants.

The BOX! (RESOURCE KIT) Contents List:

• Plastic Peg Bars
Fine line pens
Non photo-blue colored pencils
Colored Pencils
Exposure Sheets
Field Guides
The DISC! - MAC/PC Animation Software
Sound cues (copyright free)
Animation paper holed and punched
Extensive Video Lessons DVD with Hard Copy Text Manual
CD-Rom with all printables (exposure sheets, storyboards,  text manual)











Shipping & handling: $20. CA Residents Pay Sales Tax

TO ORDER: Please email

  "The BOX!"

  "PD Training at Alhambra USD"

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